Our Purpose

Contribute to the flourishing of people and planet
by supporting individuals to discover what is important to them and to act accordingly.

Start your own journey!

Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions determine your own journey just because it is comfortable or because others tend to do so. Don’t let others drown out your own inner voice.

Be mindful, listen to your inner voice, and focus your energy in a direction that is purposeful to you. By that, you have high chances to improve your life and the lives of others.

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Why Values?

There are different valuable concepts that can help you to discover important, often unconscious, aspects of your personality. Based on scientific findings as well as on our professional experience, we believe that the concept of values is one of the most central of an individual’s personality. Values are the core of an individual’s personality. They significantly influence what makes you happy in life.

Research findings imply that in our nowadays often hectic lives it is not self-evident to have clarity about the personal values. However, the findings indicate that having clarity about the inner core of values and living in congruence with them can lead to positive individual and societal effects. Those indviduals tend to be personally more successful and satisfied as well as tend to act more social and ecologically-friendly.

Why values

What are values?

Values define what is important to us throughout many different situations. They develop based on our subjective world view. As every individual has a different world view, every individual has an own mix of values with its own hierarchy. E.g.: For some of us, personal freedom is important. For others security, social justice or preserving nature is important.

We tend to experience positive emotions when we act in congruence with our values or when our environment also advocates them. However, we tend to experience negative emotions, when the opposite is true. Personal values develop throughout our lives rather subconsciously. However, the more conscious we get about them, the rather we are able to live in congruence with them. Scientific studies emphasize that living in congruence with the personal values significantly increases the chances to be personally successful and satisfied.

What are valus


We focus on methods that are on the cutting edge of scientific research. The methods we apply are mainly from the field of psychology. As a first step, we recommend you to take our in-depth psychological personality test. As a result, you get an 18-pages personal evaluation with helpful visualizations und explanations about your values tendencies as well as other related psychological variables. The personal evaluation can serve you as an excellent starting point for structured and mindful self-reflection about your inner motivators.

Furthermore, we offer individual coachings and group workshops. In doing so, we support you based on the personality test to dig deeper into your internal drivers. Subsequently, we help you to ask yourself in a structured way whether your current life situation fits them. Finally, we develop and conduct together an action plan that fits your personal situation.

Scientific Methods

Personality Test

Our in-depth psychological personality test is based on scientific questionnaires from the field of motivational psychology. Based on your answers, we send you a written evaluation and visualization of your personal values. In addition, we illustrate indicators that show how congruent your current actions are with them and how satisfied you are. Altogether, the personal evaluation comprises 18 pages.

The personality test is for free and completely anonymised. We need at average two weeks until we send you your evaluation. This is due to the fact that we conduct a final quality check of your data.

Personality Test

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