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  • 40 pages report about your personal values
  • research-based results
  • vivid visualizations
  • anonymized data
  • trust-based, voluntary payment

Be aware, the ValuesFinder was brought into life by a compassionate research- and design community. However, we can only maintain this service if users financially value our service.

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  • Benevolence Dependability
  • Self-Direction of Thought
  • Universalism nature
  • Humility
  • Self-Direction Action
  • Stimulation

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The questions that are used in the Values Finder are from valid and reliable measurement instruments mainly from the field of motivational psychology. The main body of questions stems from the Portraits Values Questionnaire – Revised (PVQ-RR). This quantitative questionnaire was developed to measure personal values tendencies. It is based on the universal continuum of human values that was developed by Professor Shalom Schwartz through intercultural studies since 1992.

This universal continuum of human values contains 19 personal values. However, through recent research we integrated an additional value (health) through the method of multidimensional scaling. thus the ValuesFinder measures 20 personal values tendencies with three questions for each personal value.

Take a look at a recent dissertation that tested the ValuesFinder with entrepreneurs.

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